Replacements, repairs and duplicates of all Automotive car keys, transponder keys, remotes, keyless keys and proximity key fobs

Unless you own an original 1953 Cadillac Eldorado or some other vehicle eligible for a “vintage” plate in Connecticut, many new modern cars beginning in 1997 onward are fitted with immobilizers, transponders, and electronic keys. Dealerships charge a significant amount of money to reprogram these keys, remotes and fobs, but CAB Lock is your alternative lower cost solution.

We can provide full OEM original manufacturers keys and parts, at usually a lot less than the pricing provided from dealers. We can “Reshell” or replace the “casing” on your original keys, and recut keys when necessary.


Pricing is dependent on many factors. What security system the car uses, how worn your old key is and what features you would like the key to have, whether it is just for emergency use as a spare, or to be used every day.

If you have a key, but it is damaged in some form, whether it be a broken casing, unable to hang it on a keyring or its no longer working due to circuit board or button damage, we can reshell a key at our workshop in Vernon, CT. Or we can come to you depending on the vehicle and programming required.

Give us a call and we can discuss your specific requirements.